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  1. kvipka

    GuildProgress system + GuildWars

  2. kvipka

    Duel Phase

    Hey all! We have added a new feature - Duel Phase. Duelists are now entering a special phase where all other players / NPCs disappear for them. You will see only your opponent. But all other players can see your duel.
  3. kvipka

    ArenaSpectator UI

    Glad to present support by server for addon ArenaSpectator UI. It will good feature for streamer and for usual players, who want to see arena with all spells/cooldowns/buffs/debuffs for good understanding. download addon
  4. kvipka

    Realm Inspiration re-opened

    Hi guys! As we told, discussed, realm attributes were rebuilded. And now : - instant 80 - rate honor x10 - rate arena points x3 in Unique helper you will receive start-pack items, but only 1 time for character. Now just create your account -> create character -> receive items and start BG/Arena
  5. kvipka

    TrinityCore repo for AC (main support for this core) just save link
  6. kvipka

    AzerothCore repo with AC just for save link
  7. kvipka

    A little info about our AntiCheat

    We have provided a long time own AntiCheat system in private. -ASH - AntiSpeedHack (+anti teleport hack) -AFH - AntiFlyHack -DoubleJump -Wallclimb -FakeJumper -FakeFlyingMode This system has been tested on some big projects with big online (project names are hidden). Issues: No false positives...
  8. kvipka

    Открытие паблик реалма

    Данная тема дубликат вот этой. Каковы ваши пожелания и тд?
  9. kvipka

    Re-opening public realm

    Hi all ! Glad to see you here and wanna ask you -> what attributes for public realm you want to see. Presumably it will instant 80 lvl + A1 auto-equip set. Also Rates on honor : x10 Rates on arena points : x3 What you think about it? Your opinion?
  10. kvipka


    Hi guys! Glad to present you a little feature : a free Chat between Discord-channel and Custom-channel in-game WoW : Connect at our Discord-server : For connecting in-game just enter :
  11. kvipka

    Набор STAFF-коммьюнити

    Проекту необходимы PR-мастера, для подготовки промо-акций. Если у вас есть опыт, или просто желание, прошу отписаться (ну или хотя бы в лс)
  12. kvipka

    LF Logo

    We looking for new logo for our project. All the guys who can draw a new logo can offer your work. The authors of the 3 best works will be awarded by our coins (can be spend in-game by helper).
  13. kvipka

    Opening forum

    The conference will begin with a forum where the use of the latest developments in the field of server emulation is discussed. Start : 27.09.2018