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2019-26-09 @ 22:27 by kvipka
fix Frozen Throne
Implement Dalaran Crater PVP Event 
updatepack : 
* fix pet stats for lvl (for tempsummon without static data)
* fix dmg for Dancing Rune Weapon
* fix heal and dmg for VAS in instances

2019-31-03 @ 23:33 by kvipka
Core/Misc: Fix GCC 8 warnings
DB/Quest: Lightning Infused Relics 
Core/GameObject: Properly dismount players on GameObject Use  
Closes #23124

DB/Fishing: Update fishing skill requirements for 100% catch 
Closes #23139

Core/PacketIO: Fixed mistake in setting packet value for SMSG_MULTIPLE_MOVES
Core/PacketIO: Send movement state change packets only once, not for each player whose visibility we enter
Closes #23141

DB/GameObject: Respawn Warpwood Pod with pooling
safe checks
DB: Fix pooling for Leprithus 
DB/Loot: Mottled Boar 
DB/Quest: add missing RewardText to Training the Beast (6089) 
DB/SAI: Vile Familiar 
DB/Quest: Valduran the Stormborn 
DB/Condition: Sound War Horn
DB/Creature: Murkblood Invader
DB/Creature: Great Reef Shark & Orca part2
DB/Creature: Great Reef Shark & Orca
Core/ObjectMgr: Make LoadCreatureTemplates() easier to maintain
Change how LoadCreatureTemplates() declares the SQL query by putting each field on its own line, making it easier to add/remove fields

Core/Conditions: implement CONDITION_GAMEMASTER (#23108)
Core/Item: Item Signature (#23119)
Scripts/Wailing Caverns: make Disciple of Naralex say Mutanus, not $n (#23122
* Scripts/Wailing Caverns: make Disciple of Naralex say Mutanus the Devourer Disciple of Naralex should say "This Mutanus the Devourer is a minion from Naralex's nightmare no doubt!" instead of using $n caused by a missing target in the Talk() script command.

DB/GameObjects: Fix some WinterGrasp Banner position
TDB 335.19031 - 2019/03/19
DB/Conditions: Add gossip conditions related to the quest A Plague Upon Thee
DB/GameObject: Add missing gobs to the Lunar Festival
Core/GameObject: Remove summoned game objects from the map after calling  SetSpawnedByDefault(false) (#23120) Closes #23115
Core/Misc: Add console option to update databases only 
Scripts/Borean Tundra: link gossip content for NPC Iruk from DB (#23118) 
Check player conditions to enter instance (#23117) 
DB: Linux complains
DB/Movement: Synchronize difficulty entry with the main template 
DB/SAI: Fix Credit quest for Tails Up 
DB/GameObjects: Fix all Wintergrasp Banners
DB/SAI: Scourging Crystal 

2019-13-03 @ 17:55 by kvipka
Revert "Core/AuctionHouse: use DisableMgr to disable specific items (#19289)" 
Core/AuctionHouse: use DisableMgr to disable specific items (#19289) 
DB/Quest: Bloody Imp-ossible!
DB/GameObject: Fix pooling related to Razormaw Matriarch's Nest
DB: Space
DB/GamObjects: Add some missing spawns
DB/Spells: Fixed Leeching Swarm showing as positive 
Core/Pets: Fixed saving pet declined names 
DB/Creature: Brann Bronzebeard must respawn 20s if he dies on halls of stone not 1h
DB/Locales: Fix some trainers locales
Kilyana's avatar
DB: Typo
DB/Quest: Find the Ancient Hero 
SAI/GameObject: Despawn the linked trap with the gameobject 
DB/Spell: Disable Wail of the Banshee and Clutch of Foresight in Arena 
Core/Disables: Implement SPELL_DISABLE_ARENAS (#23103) 
Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/TC/3.3.5' into 3.3.5
Revert "Revert "[WiP] Core/PvP: Extensive cleanup, bug-fixing and optimization of Bat…"" 
Revert "[WiP] Core/PvP: Extensive cleanup, bug-fixing and optimization of Bat…" 
DB/SAI: Remove the spell Dazed from SAI combat scripts
Core/PacketIO: Fixed wrong opcode being sent for stunned creatures
DB/Creature: Remove spawns "Dragonmaw Sky Stalker"
DB/GameObjects: Add missing gobs to Molten Core
Scripts/Northrend: 482e0dad followup 
Spell/Script: Guard's Mark 
Core/Spell: SpellAura Redux (#22794) 
Scripts/Northrend: 482e0dad followup
Spell/Script: Specify a target for Azure Dragon: On Death Force Cast Wyrmrest... 
DB/SAI: Fix On aggro and On Death talk text triggered in the target instead of the unit 
DB/Quest: A Means to an End
Creature/Script: Daegarn 
DB/Quest: Neutralizing the Cauldrons
DB: German trainer_locale 
DB/Quest : Improvements for The Brothers Bronzebeard 
DB/Quest: A Mammoth Undertaking 
DB/Creature: Fix Doomwalker Movement 
Spell/Script: Summon Scourged Captive 
DB/Quest: Improvements for the quest Cocooned!
DB/GameObject: Update Blacksmithing Plans scripts and respawn time
Core/Players: Fix logic in CanSeeSpellClickOn (#23090) 
DB/Spawn: Fix position for spawns related to the quest Standards and Practices
DB/Creature: Fix phase for one Scourge Necromancer spawn
DB/Creature: Tormented Drakkari
DB/Spawns: Add some missing spawns in Aldur'thar: The Desolation Gate (Alliance) 
Core/Misc: e69570dd followup
Core/Misc: use/implement/portfrommaster InitWorldState packet definition 
Scripts/Trial of the Crusader: Fixed Slime Pool visual effect 
Core/Spells: Adjust range checks to GameObject targets
Core/Spells: Adjust range checks to GameObject targets
Core/LFG: Teleport players to other players instead of dungeon entrance when... 
Core/Movement: Allow using run when moving randomly (#23081) 
Core/Misc: Code cleanup

2019-22-02 @ 10:18 by kvipka
Core/MMaps: MMaps logs cleanup 
DB/Quest: Improvements for Valduran the Stormborn
DB/Quest: Improvements for Scourge Tactics
DB/Quest: Kroshius' Infernal Core
DB/Spell: Ephemeral Snowflake proc 
Spell/Script: Freezing Circle 
Core/MMaps: Fix infinite loop in Detour 
DB/Creature: Fix Thaladred the Darkener movement speed 
Core/GameObject: Set loot state to Not ready when a gob is deactivated (#23072)
Core/Movement: Allow using walk when chasing v2 (#23073) 
DB/Quest: The Collapse / Deploy the Shake-n-Quake!
DB/SAI: Wrathbone Coldwraith
DB/Quest: Tails Up 
DB/Creature: Add Swim movement to some npcs 
Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/TC/3.3.5' into 3.3.5
DB/Creature: Fix waypoints for Civilian Recruit
Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/TC/3.3.5' into 3.3.5
Fix nopch
Scripts/Ulduar: Mimiron improvements 
Allow walk when chasing (#23069)
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DB/Creature: Disable mmaps for Warlord Zol'Maz
DB/Script: The Key of Warlord Zol'Maz 
Core/Commands: Don't re-add active quests with ".quest add" command
DB/Script: Update arcane-containers script to despawn once clicked 
Core/MapScripts: Add support to GameObjects to SCRIPT_COMMAND_DESPAWN_SELF
Core/mmaps: add category to 2 logs
Dep/Recast: Validate input values more consistently and completely, including... 
DB/Commands: Fix typo on chat commands 
Tools build fix 
Core/MMaps: Add rcMedianFilterWalkableArea() to mmaps generation process 
jackpoz authored 2 weeks ago
Warning fix 
Shauren authored 10 months ago
Tools/mmaps_generator: Give land priority during area merges over liquids 
Tools/vmapextractor: Improved vmap detail level by extracting wmo doodads (tables, chairs etc) 
Tools/MMapsGenerator: Cleanup duplicated definitions 
Warning fix 
Tools/Mapextractor: Fixed determining deep water 
Tools/Mapextractor: Implemented liquid object detection 
Tools/Misc: Partial cherry-pick of 7b235ce6
Tools/Misc: Partial cherry-pick of 457c93bc
Tools/Misc: Partial cherry-pick of fe4d11c6
Core/Spells: Add range checks to GameObject targets 

DB/Quest: Rescue From Jaedenar 
Core/Units: Only update height in SetHover if unit is bellow HoverHeight (#23061)
DB/Creature: Dying Blood Elf 
Scripts/MGT: Kael'thas intro can now be skipped when not killing the trash pack in his room 
Core/Spells: Fixed spells using MovePositionToFirstCollision for selecting... 
DB/Spells: Fixed Glyph of Polymorph vs Spell Reflection 
DB/Spells: Fixed proc of Borrowed Time 
Scripts/Illidan: Fixed Parasitic shadowfiends reproducing like rabbits

2019-25-01 @ 23:04 by kvipka
Implemented new feature : Manager of MailExternal for future control panel.

This feature working through another thread.

It's possible to send mail by web API in game.
2019-22-01 @ 19:28 by kvipka
We have implemented own next 2 movement generators :
  • Jump Movement Generator - related with movement for jump spells - Death Grip, some Leap, Feral Charge-Cat and etc, and all knockback effects for npc, for example Thunderstorm.
  • Charge Movement Generator - i think all understand, what it's mean. We can provide improved path handle, Charge on Transport, improved Charge on Arenas and etc.

For example Charge on this Blade Edge Arena:

video link