RPPVP realm AT-Inspiration. Rates : x25 XP (for VIP x50), x3 (x6 for VIP) gold/professions/reputations. Preparing to start.

Unique Helper

We glad to present our in-game helper for each player.

This helper will help you in game from start game : Teleport in City, information about your Rates (normal or VIP)

Features of unique helper can be improved by coins for vote poll.

Trade Shop :

* Honor Token

* Heirloom items

Vip features: trainer, bank, repair, mail, and etc. And another rates : x50 on experience and x6 for honor/reputaion.

VIP status coast : 7 days - 20 coins; 14 days - 40; and 31 - 80.

Realm status
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