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Ulduar : Boss Kologarn

Kologarn is a huge stone male human construct, you only ever see the top half of him. He never climbs out of where he is. He uses his hands to swipe people and hit them. For those who stand still, he will target you with his eyes so you need to be prepared to move. He has an AOE breathe spell which you need to be prepared for when fighting him. If you don't take the arms down together, the damaged one will repair and the effort be for nothing. If you can kill him without killing any arms, there's an "With Open Arms" achievement in it for you. Once he is down, he becomes the bridge between here and the next stage.

  • Script and enable all boss achievements;
  • Fix issues with Arms and evade;
  • Fix all visual issues with Focused Eyebeam spell;
  • Added missing spells;
  • Script Npc Rumble;
  • Add correct boss spawn, by areatrigger;
  • Implemented Kologarn Pit Kill bunny;
  • Updated script register model.
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