RPPVP realm AT-Inspiration. Rates : x25 XP (for VIP x50), x3 (x6 for VIP) gold/professions/reputations. Preparing to start.

rogue tricks updates

  • New updates :
  • implement CC delays
  • fix cheapshot/garrote and etc - now it break stealth
  • implement trick : rogue can use macro ability+vanish (ambush + vanish) and rogue victim will break combat if hasn't others units in combat list.

It's mean, if duel rogue vs someone, rogue can use macro :

  • /cast Ambush
  • /cast Vanish
  • and /cast Sap on target ( target will not in combat )

Vanish :

Hide-time increased from 0.15 at 0.3 sec. (time after cast, when rogue are eveding ALL spells, include CC spells, but in this case Vanish will break)
Fade-time increased from 0.5 at 0.6 sec. (time after cast, when rogue are eveding spells, WITHOUT CC control. In this time rogue are visible (as ghost) and not dissapear from targets )

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