RPPVP realm AT-Inspiration. Rates : x25 XP (for VIP x50), x3 (x6 for VIP) gold/professions/reputations. Preparing to start.

rewrited battlegrounds

Glad to present updated battleground system:

  • - Standards: Moved all statics to cpps where they belong.
  • - Cleanups: NULL -> nullptr, moved #defines to constants/enums
  • - Added a helper struct for handling spawns easily. Rewrote spawns using it.
  • - Moved spawn containers to private scope of Battleground (idea taken from boss states array in InstanceScripts)
  • - Remove unused teamId parameter from Battleground::SpawnCreature
  • - Prevent Battleground::RelocateDeadPlayers creating new entries on map.
  • - Make AddObject return a GameObject pointer instead of a bool (just like its AddCreature sibling)
  • - Corrected and added proper GO rotation to spawns
  • - De-hardcode buff entries for Battlegrounds, each BG uses their own entries (blizzlike).
  • - Moved logs from incorrect logger "sql.sql" to "bg.battleground"

Additional Notes for some BGs:

- Warsong Gulch:

* Fixed inverted worldstates of flags being sent to new players, wrong flag state was shown on UI

- Alterac Valley:

* Fix Snowfall graveyard cap time as per Patch 2.3.0

* Use proper gameobject entries for each node (blizzlike)

* Removed magic numbers in favor of compile time consts (enum offsets etc)

* More additional missing spawns (both creatures and gameobjects)

- Isle of Conquest:

* Removed Transport pointers from class, instead store GUIDs and use HashMapHolder to access them

* Fixed some wrong spawns which had Y coord set as X coord, Z as Y and Orientation as Z, fix a double spawn related to this

* Additional cleanups of spawn code that checked if the spawn was correct only to then do a Get(spawntype) to manipulate it.

* Incremented door close time to 30 seconds, as it is on sniff

- Strand of the Ancients:

* Fixed sending timer to players that join with BG in progress

* Corrected ships rotation as per sniff

* Added missing seaforium bomb spawns

* Implemented team switch logic to different spawn entries (like Titan Relic)

* Implemented changing teleport locations depending on destroyed doors (Closes #12127)

* Fix siege engine!

* Fixed teleport to gunship (Todo: sometimes will not find the trigger)

- Arathi Basin:

* Kill magic numbers in Arathi Basin, replace node timers with eventMap

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