RPPVP realm AT-Inspiration. Rates : x25 XP (for VIP x50), x3 (x6 for VIP) gold/professions/reputations. Preparing to start.


After vote poll results we decided to prepare a Wipe for old characters from previous The Deadmines project.

Wipe will be 8 january, and this week will instant 80 lvl just for tests and review.


We have implemented a funny-feature : Discord bot

Now you can talk with ppl in-game through Discord.

For connecting in-game just enter :

/join Discord

p.s. Connect at our Discord-server : https://discord.gg/GcJJfXG

rewrited battlegrounds

Glad to present updated battleground system:

  • - Standards: Moved all statics to cpps where they belong.
  • - Cleanups: NULL -> nullptr, moved #defines to constants/enums
  • - Added a helper struct for handling spawns easily. Rewrote spawns using it.
  • - Moved spawn containers to private scope of Battleground (idea taken from boss states array in InstanceScripts)
  • - Remove unused teamId parameter from Battleground::SpawnCreature
  • - Prevent Battleground::RelocateDeadPlayers creating new entries on map...

Implement CrossFaction LFG Dungeon Finder

We have implemented our CrossFaction LFG system for LFG DungeonFinder. Now players from Alliance and Horde can enter in one instance.

Items: Goblin Gumbo Kettle

Implement Goblin Gumbo Kettle buff that causes player to occasionally belch green smoke.

This is a Trading Card Game item, obtained by the Goblin Gumbo card in the expansion "Fires of Outland." To get your item, first you will need to go to WoW's Promotion Page and enter in the 25-digit code on your card. This will then g...

Gnomeregan : Mekgineer Thermaplugg

Mekgineer Thermaplugg is a level 29 found in the of Gnomeregan. He was once a proud and ambitious gnomish engineer who sought to make a great and powerful nation, but his greedy desire for power combined with a lust for revenge against those he felt had cheated him from his rightful place in gnomish society turned him into the greatest traitor in Gnomeregan's history.

Murderer, traitor, and self-proclaimed king of the gnomes, the mekgineer Sicco Thermaplugg rules over the radioactive halls of Gnomeregan with a malfunctioning iron fist....

Ulduar : Boss Kologarn

Kologarn is a huge stone male human construct, you only ever see the top half of him. He never climbs out of where he is. He uses his hands to swipe people and hit them. For those who stand still, he will target you with his eyes so you need to be prepared to move. He has an AOE breathe spell which you need to be prepared for when fighting him. If you don't take the arms down together, the damaged one will repair and the effort be for nothing. If you can kill him without killing any arms, there's an "With Open Arms" achievement in it for you...

Scripts/Ulduar: Algalon the Observer

I have seen worlds bathed in the Makers' flames, their denizens fading without as much as a whimper. Entire planetary systems born and razed in the time that it takes your mortal hearts to beat once. Yet all throughout, my own heart devoid of emotion... of empathy. I. Have. Felt. Nothing. A million-million lives wasted. Had they all held within them your tenacity? Had they all loved life as you do?

Changes proposed:

  • Fixed Algalon reseting encounter after defeated.
  • Implemented Black Hole despawn with Living C...

rogue tricks updates

  • New updates :
  • implement CC delays
  • fix cheapshot/garrote and etc - now it break stealth
  • implement trick : rogue can use macro ability+vanish (ambush + vanish) and rogue victim will break combat if hasn't others units in combat list.

It's mean, if duel rogue vs someone, rogue can use macro :

PVP Weekly Bonus Cap

Hi guys!

Glad to present our new feature - PVP Bonus Weekly Cap Reward

This system of reward as on official WoW server. When you are playing rating arena you will complete Bonus Weekly Cap ( 0 / 1500 ). For Win you will receive 180, for Lose 60. When Cap will completed (1500 / 1500) - you will receive reward, it can be pvp item (ilvl depend from your average ilvl) or Emblem of Frost x15.

Unique Helper

We glad to present our in-game helper for each player.

This helper will help you in game from start game : Teleport in City, information about your Rates (normal or VIP)

Features of unique helper can be improved by coins for vote poll.

Trade Shop :

* Honor Token

* Heirloom items

Vip features: trainer, bank, repair, mail, and etc. And another rates : x50 on experience and x6 for honor/reputaion.



Web-site stil under construction.

Preparing translations for some languages. And we will be grateful for any help with translations. Hope it will not take much time.

You are not prepared

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. We have sufficiently postponed our desire to open this project. And for a very long time they simply code for themselves. We tried to implement all the mechanics, tricks, features that should be like on the old content of the official server Wow.

And yet, with thorough scrupulousness, everything was encoded and coded, trying to postpone the discovery, but now it seems like it's time. The good old Illidan says: "You are not prepared..."

And yet ... It's time, after all.

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